Athlete Home Exercise

Bodyweight, Core, and Circuit Training for Athletes

These exercises are meant to work the body and primarily only using the human body weight. Some exercises do require additional equipment but regular household items can be used.

Bodyweight Training

  • Training using your own bodyweight as resistance.

  • Some of the most effective functional strength exercises you can do.

  • Works every muscle in your body.

  • No special equipment needed.

Core Training

  • Training that is essential to sports performance and injury prevention.

  • Trains the core of the body- low back, hips, and abs- which is the foundation of all movements.

  • Done by placing the body in an unstable environment.

  • At home this can be done by doing a lot of exercises on one leg or forcing the body to balance itself on things other than flat ground.

    • Use tings like wood, walk on logs, balance yourself on a 2X4 or any thing else that you can find.

Chest Exercises

  • Chin-ups

  • Pull-ups

  • Towel chins

  • Dips

  • Invent things that you can do

Leg Exercises

  • Lunges

    • Forward

    • Backward

    • Lateral

    • Clock

  • Single leg squat

    • with jump

  • Step-ups

  • Sumo squats

  • Squat jumps